Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is this site?

    AI Resources seeks to create one unified directory listing open source and open access resources that can be shared amongst the artificial intelligence community.

  2. What resources are available?

    Open Source Code (Applications)
    Open Source Databases
    Open Source Directories

  3. How can I submit a resource?

    AI Resources relies on the contributions of the general public and people in the AI community for its content. To submit a resource, please sign in (e.g., via Facebook or Twitter) and click "Add a Resource", which appear sin the top banner once you sign in. You will be prompted to submit the basic information about that resource. All submissions are reviewed by our editors before they are posted. It may take a bit of time before an editor reviews your submission, so don't be surprised if it doesn't show up for a while.

  4. Do I need an account to sign in?

    No, you only need to input your name in order to sign in.

  5. What if I have trouble accessing the site?

    If you experience any technical difficulties while browsing the directory, please contact us at

  6. How can I send feedback?

    Please feel free to send us feedback at

  7. How can I become an Editor?

    We are looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering as editors. The main requirement is that you have some familiarity with AI, either as a working practitioner, or as a gradutate student or faculty member. It doesn't take much time, just a few hours a month. Please contact us at

  8. How can I support this work financially?

    Please help us by making a donation to AI Access Foundation. AI Access is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation located in Los Angeles, California.

  9. How did this site get started?

    The concept for the site, and the design of the current site was developed by InferLink Corporation. The original designers included Steven Minton, Kane See, Brian Amanatullah, Greg Barish, Neha Kansal and Henry Erhardt. The Allen Institute for AI played a crucial role in making the site real, by collecting and curating thousands of entries. We thank Oren Etzioni for supporting the effort, and Isaac Cowhey who managed the project and contributed the bulk of the curation work. AI Access Foundation is currently managing the site.