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By: Waikato Machine Learning Group
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The Weka workbench contains a collection of visualization tools and algorithms for data analysis and predictive modelling, together with graphical user interfaces for easy access to this [...]
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External User
2014-11-06 12:35:32

Hi I have used WEKA back in 2010. So Im not quite aware of whats happening now. But all I can say is when I used, I found it quite an effective tool for data analysis. But some times it lagged for heavy data that time Pavan

External User
2014-11-05 18:28:16

A well documented, fantastically easy to use set of resources/toolkit for machine-learning work. Andrew Moore

External User
2014-11-01 18:36:19

Weka is a collection of data mining algorithms that can help us in several tasks Blanca A. Vargas Govea

External User
2014-10-30 07:30:34

I have used it (and I am still using it), and I have great experience with it. Hristijan Gjoreski

External User
2014-10-30 00:28:14

Easy to use, with many algorithms, well designed, easy to extend using Java. Very useful to use in the Java ecosystem. Albert Bifet

External User
2014-10-29 17:35:18

It's the best tool for using ML in your research, very quick to try different classifiers or feature selection. Robert Dickerson

External User
2014-10-29 17:23:46

It implements a large array of machine learning algorithms. Its interfaces make it easy to use, especially for teaching or explaining. Andrei Popescu-Belis

External User
2014-10-29 15:49:29

... it's a rich resource of machine learning algorithm implementations, feature selection methods, meta methods and ensemble methods. It also allows automatic selection of the best algorithm and its hyperparameter settings for a particular dataset through the Auto-WEKA extension (www.automl.org/autoweka). Frank Hutter

External User
2014-10-29 15:46:54

It is easy to use in you own code and algorithms. Besides, it contains many algorithms itself. Boza