ReVerb: Open Information Extraction Software

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By: Oren Etzioni, Anthony Fader, Michael Schmitz, Robert Bart, Janara Christensen, and Niranjan Balasubramanian
From: University of Washington
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ReVerb is a program that automatically identifies and extracts binary relationships from English sentences.
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External User
2014-09-16 17:11:01

Because of the licensing restrictions I was unable to include it in a proof of concept to a customer. As such, I implemented a similar functionality using other NLP libraries that did not have the license restriction. Ben Newsom

External User
2014-09-12 02:00:51

All instructions for installing/using the software are provided sufficiently. Nhung Nguyen

External User
2014-09-11 20:39:28

ready to access, contain the infor I need Xiaodong He

External User
2014-09-11 19:54:22

It provided rich documentation and was easy to integrate and test Isabelle Augenstein

External User
2014-09-11 19:49:17

Rajan Vaish

Oren Etzioni
2014-06-19 00:47:35

This is an amazingly useful resource, and very easy to install/run/use software.