Traffic Sign Recognition

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By: Radu Timofte, Markus Mathias, Rodrigo Benenson, and Luc Van Gool
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Several applications require information about street furniture. Part of the task is to survey all traffic signs. This has to be done for millions of km of road, and the exercise needs to be repeated every so often. We used a van with 8 roof-mounted cameras to drive through the streets and took images every meter. The paper proposes a pipeline for the efficient detection and recognition of traffic signs from such images. The task is challenging, as illumination conditions change regularly, occlusions are frequent, sign positions and orientations vary substantially, and the actual signs are far less similar among equal types than one might expect. We combine 2D and 3D techniques to improve results beyond the state-of-the-art, which is still very much preoccupied with single view analysis. For the initial detection in single frames, we use a set of colour- and shape-based criteria. They yield a set of candidate sign patterns.
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