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From: Washington University of St.Louis
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The Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) is a project aimed at making neuroimaging data sets of the brain freely available to the scientific community. By compiling and freely distributing neuroimaging data sets, we hope to facilitate future discoveries in basic and clinical neuroscience. OASIS-3 is a retrospective compilation of data for >1000 participants that were collected across several ongoing projects through the WUSTL Knight ADRC over the course of 30 years. Participants include 609 cognitively normal adults and 489 individuals at various stages of cognitive decline ranging in age from 42-95yrs. All participants were assigned a new random identifier and all dates were removed and normalized to reflect days from entry into study. The dataset contains over 2000 MR sessions which include T1w, T2w, FLAIR, ASL, SWI, time of flight, resting-state BOLD, and DTI sequences. Many of the MR sessions are accompanied by volumetric segmentation files produced through Freesurfer pr
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